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🆙🔜 we'll upgrade to v2.4.0 when i get home - approximately 8 hours 🆕

quick unscheduled downtime to apply v2.4.0rc3 and rotate secrets to fix a security issue

as a result:

:exit: sorry you had to login again 😅
📱 if you were using 2FA, you will need to re-enable it

also, there will most likely be approximately an hour of downtime tomorrow as i migrate one of the media servers :mastodon_oops:

rebooting app server in about an hour for os updates

media servers tomorrow about the same time

fixed a bunch of mastostuff and we are now on v2.3.3

please pardon any slowness over the next hour or two as i clean up the mess i made...

updated -> v2.3.0rc1

fulltext search coming as soon as there's documentation regarding elasticsearch...

i plan to go down for about 30 minutes at 2AM EST/7AM UTC/4PM JST for updates on the app and media servers.

after we are back up i plan to update to mastodon v2.1.3 which should only take a few minutes.

hypervisor updates coming later this week most likely. spectre/meltdown keeping everyone busy, me included :(

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