in the next week or two, we'll probably upgrade to the newest mastodon...

hi, sorry

the instance was down for a day or two because i fucked up and forgot to renew the domain

we're back

just had a hypervisor crash that caused a few minutes of downtime. sorry... we're back online now!

restarting mastodon in a few minutes to increase the character limit

copying media to a new server. things may be a little sluggish over the next day or so.

we were down for about an hour. i had to reboot the hypervisor to fix something with two other vms, and i made a mistake and it took 60 minutes instead of 5. sorry

restarting mastodon in a minute to change a config setting, hold onto ur butts !!

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This is a general-purpose instance, with a small community of English and Japanese speaking users. Registration is currently closed, but invites can be obtained from existing users.