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(posting so i can pin it)
if i follow you it's okay to follow back, no need to ask โœจ

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"her girlfriends" is an incredibly powerful phrase

just followed back a bunch of people from this account

!! do not be alarmed !!

While everyone else has a wacky teledildonics headline, does not disappoint with a whole article full of El Reg style prose on the patent expiration. And they quoted! :D


i need to Do Something but everything is Hard,

anyone want to collab on a vaporwave EP

i'll never finish this alone

the netplan hater has logged on

or more accurately, she hasn't, because she's having networking issues

good thing i have two hands so i can stage fights between the trackpad, trackpoint, and a usb mouse

rebooting ur laptop because it's faster than closing all the junk u have open :paw_fx90_ok_hand:

"Fax machines, at least HP officejet, vulnerable to code injection... OVER FAX. You can jump from a phone line connection into the network."

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